Beijing Food


    Beijing Duck:Beijing duck is famous in China and abroad as “The most delicious food in the world”. Beijing duck is divided to Menlu duck and Gualu duck. Menlu duck is roasted by hot wall of camp stove. Temperature in stove is high at first and lower lately. This kind of roasting makes duck embonpoint, fat but not oily, and makes the skin crisp. Gualu duck is roasted by fire of burning Chinese dates, peaches, pears. These kind of ducks has special fragrance.




    Beijing rinsed mutton:The castrated sheep from Xiwuzhumumiqi of Inter Mongolia is considered best. Take the fresh mutton from modang, daxiaosancha, huangguatiao, upper head. It will be about 6.5 kilos weight totally. Each half a kilo mutton can be cut into 80 pieces which are 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. The seasoning can be sesame sauce, soy, bean curd, leek, shrimp oil, caraway, shallot. Soups has haimi, koumo. Meanwhile noodles, cabbage, freezing bean curd, garlic also can be mixed.




    Beijing barbeque:It includes beef and mutton. It is baked by a specially designed tool------ iron roaster. Iron roaster is a disk about 2 Chi diameter, upon which meat can put, and below is fire. First dip meat into seasoning mixture that prepared, lay the iron roaster that cleansed with sheep trail oil upon deal fire. Put pieces of shallot onto iron roaster. Then put meat dipped into seasoning on the pieces of shallot. Turn over meat with special chopsticks one and half long. When the color of beef turns to purple, color of mutton turns to white, then you can eat them while keep on turning them over continuously.






    Beijing dumpling:It is food of north China, also called “bianshi”, Manchu and Mongolians call it “zhubobo”, they considered it most delicious food. Some Chinese said :“Most comfortable when laying down, Most delicious when eating dumpling”. Dumplings are divided by its stuffing: mutton and cabbage, pork and leek, pork and dongsun, beef and carrot, port and sanxian, trepang, shrimp, chicken, duck and so on. The stuffing listed above is made by meat or fish. And stuffing listed below is made by vegetable: all vegetable “zhubobo”, roasted bean curd, Huanghua, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage and so on.





    Crystal Mending:Crystal Mending is made by sour flour, some of them tastes salty, some of them tastes sweet. First step to make Crystal Mending is putting sour flour, alkaline flour and granulated sugar together, mixing them symmetrically. Then put flatly on paper, braise. When it is cooked, get it out of steam box, break it pieces after it gets cool. Make Crystal stuffing with bluered silk, melon seeds, dried grapes, sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus. Then wipe stuffing with sour flour, 6.6 cm long, 3.3 cm thick and make the head part round. Put it into steam box. Crystal Mending looks clearly white, stuffing is nearly lucid, soft and smooth, delicious. The kind of salty patty Mending is food from Islamic Huis, the kind of sweet Mending is food from Hans.





    Ai Wo Wo:The typical Aiwowo looks like big rice glue ball. First step to make Aiwowo is that knead as a ball with cooked rice first. Insert stuffing made with sugar, sesame, whitethorn, sweetened bean paste into it. Then roll it onto dry cooked flour. Civilians say like this about the steps of making Aiwowo: “White rice into steam box, knead flour with stuffing, looks like rice glue ball but needn’t cooked, Muslims call it Aiwowo.”



    Zhajiang noodle:The Chinese word Zhajiang means fried catsup, it is always made by pork, shallot, ginger, garlic. First fry them in oil, then mix with yellow bean catsup, stew them about 10 minutes. When zhajiang is cooked completely, the color will turn red, and smelt good. Zhajiang always included egg, fried bean curd, aubergine and so on. Also with garlic, bud, green bean, radish, peas, cucumber, haricot bean, leek and so on.





    Ludagunr:Mix pea powder and bean powder together (sometimes rice powder is also used), braise, wind them sweetened bean paste inside it. Then roll it on fried bean powder, cut it into pieces when sell it to customs. Citizens say: “red sugar inside, winded by yellow bean powder.”




    Bean roll:Bean roll was a kind of civilian food before. It is said that when Guangxu king of Qing period, one day the queen of cixi heard voice of bean roll seller outside castle wall. So she let him in the castle and tasted his bean roll, and she felt it is delicious. She let the bean roll seller live in palace, make bean roll specially for her, from that time, bean roll became palace food too.





    Bean juice:This is a typical Beijing food. It is ferment green bean powder plasm. First boil it before eat it. It tastes specially sour. When drinking Bean juice, people always take some food like jiaoquangunr or pickles.



    Jiaoquangunr:It is also called “xiao yang gui”, which means small yankee. It is fried bread looks like bangle. It takes a little long time to fry, when the color turn brown, take it out of pan, it tastes crisp and sweet. Long time ago, it is popular eating jiaoquanr with fried cakes and sweet porridge for breakfast, jiaoquanr is also eaten with bean juice. Jiaoquanr is a kind of palace food.





    Clyster:It is the food Beijing citizens like most, clyster appeared when it is Ming period. It has two kinds: big clyster, made by cleaned pig intestines, high grade flour, red water, clove, bean… about 10 materials mixed together and filled in intestines. When it is cooked completely, cut them into pieces, then fried in pig oil. Put salty water and garlic juice onto them. It tastes savory, salty, peppery. Another is small clyster, mix amylum, red water, bean curd powder together, cut it into pieces after braise it. Then fried in pig oil, put salty water and garlic juice onto them. Outside of clyster is burnt, but inside is tender, eat with bamboo folk.




    Beijing rice cake:It has many different kinds. Just cold cake includes basin cake, stuffing cake, rice cake, bean powder cake, tower cake, aiwowo, bean cake, roll cake, lotus root cake, zongzi and so on. Cold cake is made by rice, rice powder. It is different by the way of cooking and kind of rice.



    Mianchagun:Miancha is not related to tea, it is millet congee. After put into bowl, put some sesame juice and pepper salt. When eat miancha, people do not use chopsticks, but hold the bowl and drink around it, maybe nobody drink things in this way without native Beijing citizens. Why drink like this? It may be related to flavor.